I’m here!

So I know I’ve been gone an awfully long time, I hope to not make the same mistakes again. This is something I love and will certainly continue doing. Over the months I’ve had to re-adjust on a number of levels and attend to a number of ‘ailments’. Stress affected my health and I just kept going on. Right now its all about to stabilize plus I’ve got new things to blog about! I will still continue on the B vitamins, with additions.

In the past months, the things that really helped me get through were;

More so, interestingly I have been able to ‘consult’ on some issues of personal care, weight loss and general diet. I look forward to continuing this, learning and helping people learn. At the moment, I just added to my stash, Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Organic Coconut oil and Glycerine..interesting times ahead!

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